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Our Story

We are a Ukrainian/Christian company that launched in 2005. Before the company grew into what it is now, the original owner, Roman Zakharchuk started his career by driving a truck and trailer back in 1999. Not knowing any English, he convinced his brother-in law to obtain a CDL and drive as a team across state lines. They worked for a brief time until they decided to part ways and purchase their own trucks to pursue their own career goals. In 2003, Roman’s younger brother obtained his CDL and followed in the footsteps of his brother. Realizing the potential that they could have in this business, they decided to work as a team to launch Z Brothers Trucking, from the 2 trucks they started with, the company has reached almost 50 trucks and is still growing. With their own trucks, they realized the need for a local semi-truck repair shop in the area, so Roman decided to open up a shop that would later be named Truck City Parts & Service.

Our mission

At Z Brothers Trucking, we are a company that truly stands out from the rest. Our approach to the business goes beyond just making a profit, but building lasting relationships between us, the shippers, and brokers.Our team consists of well-trained dispatchers, some of which know the roads as well as they know the freight market.We provide a level of personal relationships that are seldom seen in most mid-size trucking companies, and has propelled us from 5 to 50 trucks in the past 10 years, and we are still moving forward.As a company, we are focused on providing the best transportation and dispatch service by holding on to the values that built this company: Dedicated service, clear communication, and valuing every team member that makes Z Brothers the outstanding company it is today!

Why Join Us?

Supportive and Collaborative Work Environment

At Z Brothers Trucking, you will find a family-like atmosphere where your hard work is recognized and rewarded. We value the contribution of each team member and believe in empowering our drivers and staff to achieve their full potential.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

We offer competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and attractive incentives to our drivers and staff. As a part of our commitment to our employees' well-being, we offer health insurance, retirement plans, and performance-based bonuses.

Opportunities for Growth and Development

Z Brothers Trucking offers various training programs, workshops, and educational resources to help our drivers and staff enhance their skills and stay updated on industry trends. Additionally, our drivers have the opportunity to work on diverse projects and routes, providing them with valuable experiences that contribute to their professional growth.

Flexible Work Schedules

We understand the importance of work-life balance. That's why we offer flexible work schedules to accommodate the needs of our drivers. We work with you to create a schedule that suits your lifestyle, allowing you to have a fulfilling career without sacrificing your personal time.

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